ESPN Host Says “We Need A New President”

According to a report, Stephen A. Smith, an ESPN analyst, has said that he would not be voting for Joe Biden in 2024 and that America needs a new President.

Fox News reports that Smith believes the 80-year-old Biden cannot perform the duties of president and suggests that another person should seek the Democrat candidacy in 2024.

The ESPN talk show host voiced his worry on Friday, a day after President Joe Biden fell awkwardly at the Air Force Academy’s graduation ceremony. Biden claimed he tripped over an improperly placed sandbag.

The report shows that Smith stressed that he backed Biden for President in 2020 and is not demanding that Biden be removed from office.  Instead, he is suggesting that Biden resign politics rather than seek reelection.

Smith went on to attack the Democrat Party for fielding “fringe” candidates like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Marianne Williamson in addition to Biden. But for whatever reason, Smith was okay with Michelle Obama as a candidate.

A report shows that in 1972 when Biden was only 29 years old and a councilor in his home state of Delaware, he conducted a vicious campaign for the Senate that finally won him the seat.

Biden had been campaigning against incumbent Republican Senator Cale Boggs, claiming that Boggs was too elderly for the job. At the time, Biden boasted to local Democrats that his opponent, who had scrapped retirement plans in order to compete for reelection, told him how essential it was for young people to become active in politics.

For the 2024 race, Biden’s age will be a major issue since 59% of Democrats told a Reuters/Ipsos poll in February that they believed President Joe Biden was far too old to remain in government.

Even the liberal CNN network pointed out that Biden’s age had been “omnipresent” in almost all discussions of his bid to continue in office.