Experts Spar Over Merits Of Immigrant Amnesty

Bernie Moreno, a Republican running for the Ohio senate, has said that his primary opponents, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose and Ohio state Sen. Matt Dolan, favor amnesty.

LaRose argues that taking 20 million people from the economy would be unrealistic. He said when done so legitimately, immigration is beneficial to the United States. He said we cannot deny the positive economic effects that lawful immigration has had on the United States. Dolan argued that a serious conversation is required to identify those who can remain in the United States while making positive contributions.

Moreno argued that the endorsement of amnesty by Dolan and LaRose would only encourage further illegal immigration.

According to him, the debate proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are both committed amnesty advocates. However, they support amnesty but disagree with term restrictions.

Moreno complained that “we have authorities who don’t want illegal immigrants” but who also support amnesty, which is rewarding illegal immigration. This is why we have this insane invasion at the southern border, he noted.

He has stated as part of his immigration platform that everyone who enters the nation illegally as an alien must be deported. He advocated for a change in American law that would bar asylum eligibility for anyone caught entering the country illegally. The Ohio Republican has spoken out in favor of ending drug cartels and finishing President Trump’s wall.

Moreno was concerned about sending the wrong message to would-be legal immigrants if they were to see illegal immigration encouraged.

Seven years ago, before pursuing public office, Moreno attacked Trump’s approach and made public demands for common sense immigration reform – including creating a system to allow certain undocumented immigrants to become citizens, an examination by Spectrum News finds.

Moreno’s family moved to the United States when he was five. He was born in Bogota, Colombia. At eighteen, he became an American citizen and earned a fortune by establishing car dealerships in Ohio.