Greg Gutfeld Praises Kamala Harris as “Brilliant” Choice for Biden

During a recent episode of The Five, Greg Gutfeld shared an intriguing analysis of Joe Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as his vice-presidential running mate in the 2020 election.

The co-hosts of the show responded to Nikki Haley, a Republican presidential candidate, who expressed her belief that if Biden wins in 2024, Harris will ultimately become the president.

Haley stated that Republicans are running against Kamala Harris.

The New York Times and almost every liberal voter recognize this fact. They are aware that if Joe Biden secures victory in this election, Kamala Harris is the one destined to assume the presidency of the United States.

As Joe Biden, 80, prepares for his potential reelection bid in 2024, concerns about his physical and mental well-being have arisen. 

These concerns gained momentum following an incident where the president stumbled over a sandbag at a commencement ceremony. 

In contrast, Kamala Harris has been grappling with even lower approval ratings than Biden.

During a discussion, Jesse Watters emphasized the importance of framing issues in politics, referring to insights from a political consultant. 

Watters explained that when a Republican candidate highlights that they are effectively running against Kamala Harris, it forces Democrats to address Joe Biden’s age, physical condition, and mental health. 

This tactic puts Democrats in a difficult position as they are compelled to acknowledge Kamala Harris as a “heartbeat” away from the presidency.

Watters suggested that Republican candidates should strongly emphasize the fact that Harris will succeed Biden if he becomes unable to continue serving.

Greg Gutfeld, however, had a different perspective and praised Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris as his running mate, albeit for an unconventional reason. 

Gutfeld argued that Harris’s selection was a brilliant move for Biden because she presented even greater challenges. 

He suggested that by choosing Harris, Biden essentially created an “insurance policy” that shields him from attacks, as critics would have to contend with Harris instead.

Jeanine Pirro concurred, and Gutfeld added, “That nobody will go after Joe if they have to deal with her,” referring to the potential obstacles posed by Harris.