Joe Biden Tapes Show FBI Probe Was Stopped

According to a report, an audio recording of a phone discussion that took place in 2016 between then-Vice President Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko, who was serving as the President of Ukraine at the time, has been leaked. The recording reveals that Biden told Poroshenko that the FBI’s probe of the Burisma oil and gas corporation had been terminated, evidently at the command of Biden himself. 

The news of the leaked recording follows the revelation that a reliable source has told the FBI that Joe Biden took a bribe worth $5 million from a Burisma executive, in which Hunter Biden sat on the board and was paid $50,000 per month.

Then-Vice President Joe Biden promised Poroshenko that the FBI’s probe into Burisma had been terminated in an audio recording as the Obama Administration readied to leave office.

Andrew Weissmann has been repeatedly accused of aiding in covering up the Biden family’s illicit activities with the rest of the FB, and DOJ received the evidence provided to them by Poroshenko’s then-aide, Oleksandr Onyshchenko.

A paper purportedly signed by Onyshchenko and Weissmann has been published, lending credence to the Ukrainian media allegation. Weissmann is credited as the head of the DOJ’s Fraud Section in this 2016 document.

It is now a common belief that Joe Biden personally directed Andrew Weissmann to end the probe into Burisma and Poroshenko.

A report shows that Joe Biden has now hired legal counsel, and there’s a new possible explanation for why this is occurring.

On Sunday, Peter Schweizer revealed shocking information while appearing on Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News program. 

According to Schweizer, Hunter Biden’s company was footing the bill for Joe Biden’s covert mobile phone use.  It was purchased from AT&T,  costing $300 each month to operate. According to Schweitzer, the “global phone” allowed for secret contact with anybody, wherever on Earth.