Republicans Voters’ Top Issue Is Not What You Expect

According to a poll, the topics that Republican voters wanted candidates to discuss before the last presidential debate wasn’t abortion. A countrywide abortion ban is low on the priority list. Lowering inflation was at the top. Voters also prioritized ending the teaching of “woke” viewpoints in schools, inflation, and blocking illegal immigration.

Reports show the Texas House of Representatives recently passed immigration proposals that would make the unauthorized crossing of the (Texas) US/Mexico border a state felony and provide more than $1.5 billion for more border barriers.

According to the poll, most Republican voters in the primary agree that abortion should be outlawed in most circumstances, but fewer than half support a complete prohibition throughout the country. Overall, only one-quarter of Republican primary voters support greater restrictions on abortion access, and the same number believes the Republican Party has taken things too far on this issue.

Republican voters overwhelmingly favor a policy of strong support for Israel and would want to hear more about this from their candidates.

Voters in the Republican primaries are looking for a candidate who would continue U.S. backing for Israel’s struggle against Hamas. In stark contrast, over half of Republican voters are on opposite sides of the debate when it comes to backing Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

Both Israelis and Palestinians enjoy widespread support in the United States, although Americans tend to feel closer to the Israelis and are more likely to back efforts to provide military assistance and weaponry to Israel.

Republicans are the primary supporters of providing military assistance and weaponry to Israel. The Democrats are less united, with the most vocal dissent coming from the party’s extreme left members.

While majorities on both sides of the political aisle are in favor of supplying arms and military help to Ukraine, there is greater unanimity among Democrats than among Republicans. In this region, a slim majority of Republicans are against providing military assistance.