White House Downplays Squatting, Calls it ‘Local Issue’

Some homeowners have been unable to eject strangers who have moved into their homes. These parasites are called squatters.

While declining to comment on whether or not President Joe Biden would back a new legislation enacted by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre referred to squatting as a “local issue” on Monday.

The bill that DeSantis, a former presidential contender in 2024, signed into law increases penalties for squatters and gives state law enforcement the authority to evict them.

Jean-Pierre referred to DeSantis’s approach to the Florida issue as “hypothetical” when pressed for details.

Not wanting to put the Biden administration on record with the issue, KJP said it was a matter for the local government to address. She said all parties are seeking the same outcome, that everyone wants to feel safe in their neighborhood. Her words are vague enough not to offend squatters, who could be the ones who want to feel safe.

Republicans seized squatting as a potent political issue—another indication, they claim, that Democrats are weak on crime.

Several houses down from the Beverly Hills property that basketball star Lebron James bought for $36.75 million and tore down to build his new dream house, a gang of squatters occupied a mansion and threw massive ragers for months.

According to reports, the basketball player was ‘distraught’ after a string of attacks, arsons, and arrests caused the settlers to leave the home voluntarily.

At a presser last week, DeSantis was succinct, saying his administration is putting a stop to squatter fraud in Florida.

According to the governor of Florida, they are protecting property owners and punishing criminals looking to game the system, in contrast to other governments that are supporting squatters.

Florida state representative Anna Eskamani, a Democrat, was quoted as saying that DeSantis has made squatting more divisive than it ought to be.

This measure has the support of every Democrat in Florida.