Kari Lake Tells Steve Bannon Election Is Rigged

(Republicaninformer.com)- Republican candidate for governor of Arizona Kari Lake argued that Democrats “rigged” the 2020 election to “take down” 45th President Donald Trump by taking advantage of the pandemic to bring about significant changes to state election laws nationwide.

Speaking to conservative commentator Steve Bannon on his well-known “War Room” podcast, Lake pointed out that many unconstitutional election law modifications were allowed to stay in effect during the 2022 general election, creating an “even worse” situation.

According to Lake, it was about bringing down President Trump and setting the stage for the problems that led to the rigged election. Nothing was done to address the issues they observed in 2020, and things got worse by the time 2022 rolled around. They repeated everything they did in 2020 and then went above and beyond.

“Our lawsuit includes whistleblowers who claim that the system processed about 300,000 illegal votes without a chain of custody. More than 130 000 votes, in our opinion, may have had poor voter verification and shouldn’t have been counted,” Lake emphasized.

Whistleblowers who worked on the signature verification process claimed that thousands of ballots per day that shouldn’t have even been in the system due to fake or missing signatures or scribbles were somehow allowed to pass the verification process.

Taken aback by Lake’s claim that hundreds of thousands of votes were cast illegally in her election, Bannon reminded the audience that Maricopa County officials with opposing political ideologies and Lake’s opponent, Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, were ultimately in charge of the election procedures and processes.

Lake said election regulations and laws are mandatory. It’s not like they say, “Well, follow these if you want.” They are required and placed there for a reason, particularly in these states and counties pushing for mail-in elections.

According to Lake, the only safeguards we have to ensure that the votes being counted are legitimate are signature verification and chain of custody. “Our lawsuit, in our opinion, establishes that hundreds of thousands of illegal votes counted,” Lake declared.